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50 music icon challenge
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Yet another icon challenge community, inspired by places like icons100 and musicon100, and the like. This time, however, you're only required to make 50 (you may choose to do 75 as well, if you're so inclined), which I thought would be a nice change of pace. Also, the focus here is a little different than you may have encountered before.

You'll be given 4 months to complete your claim/challenge (starting from the day you're approved). I will gladly grant an extention if you need it, as long as you let me know.

*PLEASE NOTE: If more than a month has passed since your deadline has come and gone, and you haven't posted your icons, and haven't contacted me to request an extension, your claim will be removed. You can re-apply later, but it isn't fair to have a claim tied up that someone else could be completing. If you need an extension, I'll gladly grant it, as long as you let me know you want one (just reply to your claim/approval comment thread here, or email: Xphile78@gmail.com or singerchick@nsyncable.com).

**ALSO PLEASE NOTE: You cannot change your claim mid-stream, so to speak, just because you get bored making icons of the person/album/video, etc. you claimed. The only exception to this rule is: say you claimed a member of a band/group, and want to change your claim to the entire band/group, or vice versa. That would be okay.

Your icon subject can be:

  • a single musician A solo artist, one group/band member, etc. Most icons (45/50, 70/75) should actually picture the person, but you can do five that are other things (their logo, a cartoon/drawing of them, a quote of theirs with their name, etc). NOTE: An American Idol (and other nations' "Idol" shows) finalist (from at least the top 24) can be claimed, as well.

  • a band or group (any genre) You can do icons that only feature one member at a time, but just make sure you eventually cover everyone (or nearly everyone if you choose The Mormon Tabernacle Choir or another very large group). If you want to make all 50 icons of a certain person from the group, that's fine, but please apply under "musician" for that. NOTE: Groups of American Idol (and other nations' "Idol" shows) finalists (top 24, top 10, etc) can be claimed, as well.

  • a songwriters Single, like Diane Warren, Babyface... or a team like John/Taupin, Lennon/McCartney, Watters/Biancaniello, etc. For this category, the icons can feature: photos of the songwriter(s) themselves; icons that picture virtually anything (artists they've written for might be a good call), but feature their lyrics/titles on the icons... you get the idea).

  • images of a specific instrument Piano, 'cello, acoustic guitar, electric guitar... and yes, icons of a person playing it are perfectly acceptable. If you've been longing to do a "boys with guitars" icon set, this is the category for you. ;)

  • an album* Your icons would feature lyrics/song titles from a specific album of your choosing, and images of the artist/band, or virtually anything. *At least one icon featuring the actual album cover is required for this category.

  • a music video, or concert film Icons should be created using screencaps from the video or concert film you select. *Long-form music videos can be used, as well (Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker," for example).

If you have something in mind that you aren't sure is allowed, either contact me, or just claim it, and I'll say "approved" or not.


  • Join the community (naturally).

  • Check the list, and submit your claim(s) -- limit two, please.

  • Have 10 of your icons (per claim) fit the themes listed below.

  • Don't post icons made by others (that should go without saying!), or those you made long ago.

  • Please put the name of your claim in the subject header of your entries, as well as the batch it is (example: "Mariah Carey, batch two, 25/50").

  • Please also put the name of your subject in the "tag" when you post, to make it easier for people (including me) to find your icon batches. If you're working on icons of a group/band member (or "Idol" contestant), please indicate their name and the group name in the tag (example: elliott yamin, american idol - OR - steven page, barenaked ladies). If you're really unfamiliar/uncomfortable with using LJ tags, I can do it for you, but I'd appreciate the help if you could. ;-)

  • Icons should meet these basic requirements: 100x100 pixels, they must be no more than 40k in file size, and be in .png, .gif, or .jpg format. No certain skill level is required here -- it's always been my belief that you learn by doing.

  • Posts should contain at least 5 (five) icons, if you post more than that at a time (which is fine), please put the rest behind an lj-cut tag (if the cut is fake... like a link to your journal, please state that).

  • When you complete your claim, post in the hall of fame, and I will make you a banner. This is also a good place for people to see when a subject they'd like to claim becomes available again.

  • If you can't complete your icons in time, please let me know (you can either back out completely, or request an extention). See the note about that above.

  • ** To post in a journal community like this (in case you haven't before): when you go to update your journal, at the bottom, it will read "post to." Select "50music" there, and your entry will post here, rather than your own journal.

I think that's all -- other things may present themselves later.

THEMES (choose at least 10):
**These don't have to be taken literally; for example, themes 21-30 that are "quotes" don't have to actually be written on the icons. I'm not the theme police, these are just guidelines.

01. red
02. blue
03. purple
04. black
05. silver

06. calm
07. sleep
08. peace
09. love
10. understanding

11. laughter
12. sadness
13. anger
14. happiness
15. fear

16. hunger
17. alone
18. comfort
19. friendship
20. imagination

21. "it's too late"
22. "now what?"
23. "keep it to yourself"
24. "it's my life"
25. "a light in my darkness"
26. "overdue goodbye"
27. "hiding the truth"
28. "rescue me"
29. "I only hear what I want to"
30. "I missed you"

31. open
32. closed
33. together
34. apart
35. indifferent

36. passion
37. optimism
38. protest
39. faith
40. truth

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